How much makeup do you use on a daily basis?

Just a little (for example to even out your skin tone.
An average amount (enough to notice their is make up on)
I put on a full face every day!

You would describe your makeup style as...

I don't use make up so I do not have a specific style
Simple, girl/boy on the go.
I'm going for that effortless look but I did put effort into it.
I could be Kim Kardashians makeup artist!

How much time would you like to put towards doing your makeup?

It's going to take me time to do this?
5 minutes or less
Maybe 20 minutes tops. I'm patient
I don't leave the house until I'm fabulous! A queen is never late, everyone is simply early.

How quickly do you adopt trends?

I'm a laggard. I'm last to know
I wait for my friends to try them first
I don't mind trying out new things. No harm no foul
Adopt them? I start them!

Which actress do you look towards for makeup inspiration?

Zoe Saldana- I enjoy her natural look
Angelina Jolie- I enjoy her simplicity
The Kardashians- She is a trend setter
Ms. Lawrence form the Atlanta Housewives- He isn't afraid to break the rules

Are you interested in trying out new makeup ideas?

I'm skeptical but willing
I think it will be fun!
I always look for new things to try out
I'm ready for a challenge

How much do you spend on makeup?

0-10 dollars
11-20 dollars
If it is an amazing product money is not relavant

Why do you want to try out a new makeup trend?

I usually don't wear makeup but I want to give it a try
I want to change up my look a little
I'm ready to for a new style
I am always looking for new and improved trends to showcase

Your result is: __